My vision about Ashtanga & Mysore online LIVE

Voor Nederlandse versie: Mijn visie over Ashtanga & Mysore online LIVE

It may not seem possible to provide Mysore online LIVE classes. But with an open mind, “anything is possible’’. I have to admit that at first sight, it was a pretty difficult step for me to offer online classes. But after 10years of physically teaching mysore classes, i can finally say that this new form of teaching suits me better. In fact, i honestly think that i will accomplish more now. These are my reasons why i offer Ashtanga Mysor classes online, and the vision i have of Ashtanga Yoga.

(1) During the passed 10years of teaching, i started to believe less in “physical adjustments’’. Of course, i did help my students getting deeper into the postures, but deep in my heart i knew that this is certainly not the goal. It is all about regular “practice”; the discipline to show up on your mat despite how you feel. And by regularly practicing you will get yourself deeper into a posture; yes, maybe slower, but you will be more aware about the process. Besides that, you will “feel” a posture better when you get more aware how you are standing in that posture. In this passed year, i noticed how strongly my students have grown into their practice without physical adjustments. By verbally guiding them, and to point them which muscles they have to engage or how they need to keep lenghtening in that specific posture, they will get more and more aware of their process. It is just wonderful to see that. For me this has been a great gift.

(2) I also have a strong opinion that some “physical adjustments’’ within the ashtanga method are just not appropriate. Because of the #metoo-experiences within the ashtanga community adjusting the students physically just did not feel right for me anymore. It is truly not my intention to hurt other ashtangi’s. I only want to say that it did not feel correct for me, and that is the very reason i created a strong aversion towards physical adjustments. Therfore, my urge to adjust in another way, yet a more effective way, has been arised. And as i said, in the above paragraph, it is possible.

(3) I believe in the Ashtanga method. That particular part that Ashtanga has a fixed pattern of postures provides me a fine basis on the mat. And i truly believe that this applies for so many other ashtangi’s. But traditionally, there is this rule that you will get on your mat 6 days a week, and also doing the full series. But i am convinced that this just does not work for everybody. You just cannot learn with force. On the other hand, i – as a teacher – will never be able to put force on a student. I have experienced quite the opposite, that you just push away students. I still believe that the Asthanga method can be for everyone and can belong to anyone. Just by giving space to students and to say that it is OK how many times they will get on the mat, how they do the postures, or even when they do only a part of the series.

(4) I believe that i – as a teacher – will be there for my students. And not that my students are there for me. When a student has a question, he/she is just allowed to ask it. When a student get curious about postures (that are more at the end of the series), he/she is just allowed to try it out. I will then do my best to safely guide this student. I just do not believe in “stealing poses’’. Yoga is for everyone.

(5) I believe in a warm, safe and loving atmosphere. In such surroundings one can learn and grow. I do NOT believe in an atmosphere where the teacher desides when to talk, when to laugh, or when you can have a break or not.

In short, i want to guide my students in their yoga journey, whatever this yourney looks like.
If a student needs a strict ashtanga practice, i will be there.
If a student likes to learn handstands, i will be there.
If a student wants a mild and quiet practice, i will be there.
If a student has the need for a short practice, i will be there.
If a student has difficulties to be early on the mat and practicing alone, i will be there.
Nobody is standing alone. I will be there for my students 6 days a week, whatever they want to learn.