Welcome to Yoga Infinity

Voor Nederlandse versie: Welkom bij Yoga Infinity

Infinity means “without ending”. I used “infinity”, as i think this term is very applicable to Yoga. Everyday i stand on my yogamat, and after each “yoga practice” i feel a bit calmer and at the same time more energetic. Yoga has brought me so much “good” into my life and yet, i realise there is still so much more to learn. Yoga will keep on going, Yoga is infinite.

Yoga is a very beautiful and grateful tool to work on your mind and body. I teach “ashtanga” yoga and “yin” yoga.

Ashtanga yoga is a very active physical form of yoga and Yin yoga is a much quieter form. Through both forms of yoga your body, muscles, ligaments, and joints will get stronger. This way chronic pains (such as migraine or low back problems) could get better or even disappear (as was in my case). In several ways you learn how to control the breath, control the body, getting stronger, more flexible, and eventually to get more inner peace.

Due to COVID i started offering my classes online. The Ashtanga classes are LIVE according to Mysore style from Sunday till Friday. The Yinyoga classes are offered in two ways; one way is recorded on film (every week you will receive a new class) and the other way is LIVE on Wednesdayevening and Thursdaymorning.

If you got a bit curious about my classes, please feel free to contact me or to get a free class.

With kindness and warmth, Saskia